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During the winter months, we will have helpful links here for direct access to the road conditions for various states. If you have a highway you wish to add, please let us know.

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Important Links

  • Benefits Website
  • Omnitracs training:
    1. Choose IVG/MCP Customers
    2. Choose Driver Training at top of page
    3. Complete the 9 classes at the bottom of the page
  • HoursGo (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) – The HoursGo Application, by Omnitracs, is the perfect companion to the OMNITRACS HOS application allowing the driver access to their logs at any time and from any Android mobile device. Access to the logs fulfills the requirements of the ELD mandate.

Safety Policy Statement

Holland Enterprises recognizes that safety, health, and well-being of our employees are a high priority in our daily operations. To facilitate such activities, we will comply with all government-mandated rules and regulations as they apply to the work activities in our workplace. This Safety Policy reflects our commitment from all levels of management to providing the safest possible work environment for our employees, associates, contractors, protection of the public with whom we share the road and our customer’s cargo. This policy also identifies the responsibilities of management and employees in establishing and maintaining a safe workplace. We also have a goal of reducing the costs of work-related claims through various proven claims management procedures.

  • Management is responsible for providing a workplace free of recognized hazards and supporting a Risk Management Program.
  • Management is responsible for the development and training of the safety rules, safe operating procedures and regulations as they pertain to the activities in the workplace.
  • Management is responsible for providing adequate and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Supervisors must require employees to follow company safety rules and procedures and support the accident prevention program established by management.
  • Supervisors must assist management in the training and retraining of employees.
  • Employees are responsible to know and follow all safety rules and to participate in safety program development and implementation. In the event a violation is discovered, it is the employee’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of the Safety Department.
  • All employees are responsible for attending all management-mandated safety training programs and to support the accident prevention program established by management.

Here are some videos recently posted on YouTube by Travelers Insurance and we wanted to share them because their message is very important:

Safety Videos

Additional Information